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We take sole traders, small businesses, family businesses, social enterprises, and Not-For-Profits on a Journey to Success. We enable them to survive, compete, grow, and achieve more, with us as their Business Success Partners.

We do this by providing them with training, tools and expertise learned by combining hundreds of years’ of experience, from dozens of experts across every industry imaginable.

All of this is delivered at an affordable price through our group or individual Business Success Partnering programs.

Are you sick and tired of not getting ahead?

  • Is your organisation failing its goals or purpose?
  • Are you struggling to keep up with all the challenges?
  • Do you want more clients, revenue, profit, or time?
  • Is it time to stop losing to your competition?
  • Do you want proven systems you can rely on for success?
  • Are you failing to live the lifestyle of your dreams?
  • Are you failing worklife balance?
  • Do you want to ENJOY WORK AGAIN?

Do you want million $ advice you can afford?

  • Could 100’s of tried, tested and proven templates save you time?
  • Would loads of tutorials expand your business skills?
  • Do you want to avoid the mistakes others have already learned from?
  • Do you want access to deep industry experience that is relevant to you?
  • Is it time to partner with experts that have been vetted and accredited?
  • Are you tired of watching others succeed?

Business Solution

“Kevin helped me in identifying new opportunities and provided recommendations on how to re-structure my business. He showed genuine interest in my business.”
Michael Andrus

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then

Partner with us to Master the 5 Essential Business Areas

5 Areas of Business Mastery

Whatever stage in the Journey to Success you are on,


Journey to Success

Your Journey to Success – Options

Regardless of whether you are in ideas stage, struggling to drive your business profitably, or well established and ready to grow substantially, we have a proven solution tailor made for you.

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If you are thinking of launching your new idea, or thinking of buying into a business or franchise, then we will help you validate the commercial viability of that decision.

The underlying reason so many businesses fail is because they aren’t selling the right product to the right people in the right way. We will help you avoid that costly mistake and find the right product for a starving crowd.

Since the #1 mechanism business’s fail is they run out of cash, we’ll also give you tutorials and templates covering the basic financials every successful business tracks.

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$497/mth x 9

Really rev up your business by joining a friendly group of committed and energetic colleagues for monthly Education and Business Success sessions, covering a new topic each month.

You get Everything from Assisted Take Off PLUS we’ll save you hundreds of hours of frustrating and unproductive work, by giving you tried tested and proven templates for dozens of common business purposes.

You’ll also get tools, success methods and a full training library that will propel your business rapidly forward, and make YOU the business expert.

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Take your business into the stratosphere with your personal Business Success Partner and specialised, expert assistance tailored to your unique industry and needs.

You get Everything in Assisted Take Off, & Power Forward PLUS a customised 3-yr strategy and execution plan that will take your business to new heights.

While we recommend two meetings a month, (Operational and Strategic), you decide how fast you want to transform your business. And if you aren’t seeing results, you can cancel at any time.

Proven Business Success Process

Relax knowing that what we share with you has been successfully applied in hundreds of businesses with great result

Journey to Success

We are so confident that you will achieve successful outcomes, that Power Forward has a money back guarantee*, and our No Limits program has no lock in contracts

But only if you desire outcomes like

Journey to Success


Your business will only move forward when you take action. DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER!
Stop all the frustration of trying to do it all yourself, and start standing on the shoulders of those that have been there and done it before.

Let’s get together for a free chat, and discuss how we’ve helped other clients and how we may be able to help you on your journey to success.


And we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time
to meet locally to you!


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